LISA NANAKORN was born sometime in the late ‘60s in Scranton, and raised in the farm areas of Bethlehem, PA, an upbringing that has given her a love of nature and influenced her choice of subjects, which range from flowers and produce, to landscapes and conceptual photographs. She has always had a creative bent, and resisted the idea of a traditional 9-to-5 job, preferring instead to pursue her artistic inclinations. She followed her passion for photography to California eleven years ago, and participated during her student years in group exhibitions (she graduated from Northampton College in 1988); as part of the J. Paul Getty Museum’s Underground Staff Art Show for its past five exhibitions, and has been part of various other group art shows at local galleries. She likes to wander with a camera in hand, letting the day and her instinct take her where it will which, she says, “energizes me, relaxes me, and makes my heart smile.” She also loves the magic of seeing her pictures come to life in the developing tray; these days, since buying a good digital camera, she also finds herself spending hours in front of the computer. Her husband’s love of computers (and his steadfast support of her passion) has aided her embrace of the new technology, though she loves working in a darkroom.